Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It's kind of silly how we want to believe that there is actually a treasure chest or two of buried pirate treasure just waiting to be found, but every now and than someone actually uncovers just such a find, so perhaps there is still hope one day I will be the next person to do so.  But for many years, since people have been calling the island home, tales of pirates and their treasure has persisted over the years.  Many of these rumors center around pirates, Captain Kidd's name often comes up, hid their treasure in a cave, or caves found on the island.  Had such treasure actually been hidden in a cave, it most likely would of been located by now, as most if not all caves here have been searched over time.
Which brings us to one story or tale, if you will, that has the pirates burying their loot instead of stashing it away in a cave.
One such tale is of Captain Kidd and his crew being chased by large ships full of military men wanting to lay their hands, and guns, on the pirates.  As the tale goes, Captain Kidd turned his ship up into the Sound, and made his way to a spot ships in those days often visited to take on fresh water.  This spot is located at one end of Man of War Brook, where its fresh waters empty out into the Sound.
Him and his crew were said to have dropped anchor and gone ashore there, entering the nearby woods, where it is said they buried their treasure, for fear it might fall into enemy hands.  How far into the woods did they go?  No one knows, but for many years after people went to the area and dug up the woods in search of this treasure.  Once Acadia National Park was established, this practice came to an end.  The Park Service made using metal detectors illegal, as did they make illegal any digging for lost treasure. 
When I last walked down the old Man of War fire road in Acadia National Park, about twenty years ago, I poked around the woods in there and found evidence of many old dig sites where people once dug with their heads filled with dreams of treasure. 


Below is another piece I came across on the lost treasure of capt. Kidd;


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