Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Have you ever visited Acadia National Park and stopped at a place called Lake Wood?  Many have never even heard of the lake, let along visited it, and it is one of Acadia National Parks biggest secrets that is hiding in plain sight.  Lake Wood may not sound like the kind of name where one would fine a large body of warm water perfectly suited for swimming in, but it is.  Locals know of Lake wood, and you will find them there in the water on those hot summer days, but there is more to Lake Wood than simply swimming, for the shores of Lake Wood hold a secret, it is home to one end of the abandoned Fawn Pond Trail.
Not far from the parking lot is a well worn trail, this trail does not follow the shoreline, but a ridge high above the lake.  The trail than makes its way to Fawn Pond, and beyond that this was once a popular way to connect to the Breakneck road, the Bracken Trail and Great Hill Trails, and to the carriage roads.  Attempts to locate the trail from the Breakneck road end can  be a nightmare, but not so if following it from the Lake Wood end of the trail.  And at one point a side trail runs up the back side of Young's Mountain.
The road to Lake Wood begins along the Crooked Road.  From Hulls cove drive along the road until you see a small park sign on the left, by a narrow dirt road which leads uphill into the woods.  People drive their cars up the road all the time, as does the Park Rangers, so its safe.  Once at the parking lot the lake is in front of you.  Locals usually don't go into the water by the parking lot, they instead head up along narrow paths along each side of the lake, enjoying the warm water at their favorite spot along the lake.
 The publication Pathmakers tells how there was once a granite block bridge built along the Lake Wood footpath which was dedicated as the Kate and Bridgham Memorial Bridge.  Nearby a bronze plaque reads - "In memory of Annie Cottenet Kane and Fanny Schermrhorn Bridgham, who gave the lake and surrounding land to Acadia National Park.  The stone bridge is said have toppled over but can still be seen.



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