Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The old Abandoned Gurnee Trail may of been the major trail which connected people in Hull's cove with those in Hull's Cove, Village connector paths as they were called, but it was the Fern Trail which connected those people to the trail system on Great hill. Today large sections of that trail have become ghost or phantom trails, while other sections appear to be lost forever.
This brings us to what remains of the Fern trail, one nice long section, easy to locate from the Witch Hole Pond carriage Road, and the trail is well worn.  The reason this section survives today as well as it does is because locals use it as a short cut to get between the Park Loop Road and Witch Hole Pond Carriage Road.
Abandoned Fern Trail - Acadia National Park

The map is pretty clear, from Duck Brook Bridge head right toward Witch Hole Pond.  As soon as you come to a large wetland area, look for the path on the right hand side, as it leads into the woods.   The trail is a bit harder to locate from the other end.

Abandoned Fern Trail - Acadia National Park


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