Thursday, April 27, 2017


Other than a name on a map, there doesn't appear at first glance to be much going on at Brewer mountain.  However, if one takes a closer look, at least at one time or another there was a lot going on there.  Brewer Mountain is where I first stumbled upon the Stone tower.  Two huge foundations at its base is what remains of a huge sand filtering system run by the Bar Harbor water company.  And an old dirt road from behind the Stone Tower once ran all the way to the area of Duck Brook Bridge.
Much of this can be easily found today, and along that old dirt road with fallen trees here and there blocking it is the very fast waters of Duck Brook.
But there are secret areas on Brewer Mountain one can only find through exploration of the mountain sides.  There are a few old house foundations hidden in the woods, and here and there one comes across old rusting car fenders, bumpers, and hoods.  There are also a few old dumps with old bottles, rusting cans, shoe souls and such.

Two of the more amazing finds I came across are two old granite mining sites, one is located lower on the mountain side toward Eagle Lake end, the other up closer to the top of the mountain.  I am pretty certain there are still other secret areas on Brewer Mountain even I have yet to discover, which is why it is one of my favorite mountains to explore.


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