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You have most likely heard of the Duck Brook Road, the Duck Brook Bridge, and of Duck Brook, for which they are named, but have you ever heard of the Duck Brook Trail?   Abandoned today, the duck Brook trail once ran along much of Duck Brook.  Yet the only sign you can find of it today is on iold maps.
A few years ago I went to the large three arched stone bridge  you come to shortly after leaving the Visitors Center in Hulls Cove and head down the Park Loop Road.  We made our way down one side of the very steep hillside, to the edge of the brook.
We had hoped to find signs of the old trail, and in places you can kind of make out where it once ran.  But there was no real trail to speak of.  You see, two  things happened that help erase traces of the trail.  First, route 3, at the time a narrow dirt road, was widened and paved, and a new wider bridge was built, destroying a section of the start of the trail.
Than the Park Service constructed the triple arch bridge over the brook, destroying another good section of the trail.
Duck Brook Trail - Acadia National Park

As a now abandoned trail, no longer maintained, it became over grown with brush and tree's.  This is clearly evident in the photos we took.  Now I have been asked a few times if I ever ventured to the other side of the triple arch bridge, to see if  and signs of the Duck Brook Trail can be found from there onward.
  No, we have not as yet checked that area out, but will try to get to it this year and report our findings on this blog.

It is hard for me to imagine the trail running as far along the brook as old maps show it doing, we have explored areas along the brook much further down and found it impossible to make out way beyond towering walls of granite.  The old Water Pipe trail does get you past those areas, however, it also carries you away from the brook, and the trail clearly followed the banks of the Duck Brook.
The sides of this triple arched bridge are low, and some how a local man fell over the edge of the bridge to his death.
Duck Brook Trail - over grown and in rough shape

So today was the day  we finally returned back to Duck Brook Trail, and yes we did find some short stretches of the old trail, but between each short stretch was usually a rather large rock slide, completely erasing large sections of the trail before we could pick it up again.  This happened more times than I want to recount and because we had to slowly pick our way across all those rock slides, the going was rough.

The reason we continued at all forward was due to the fact that Duck Brook demanded we do so.  This was the first time I have ever hiked along that section of the brook, and its rapids put on a show.  It made me wonder, it the waters of the brook were this lively, how much more so would it be had we just gotten a heavy rail.....
The waters of the brook just kept getting more and more lively the further we hiked, with one great view being replaced by another at every bend.
So we approached the brook from the triple arch bridge located not too far along the Park Loop Road after leaving the Hulls Cove Visitors Center.  We were on the end furthest from the Visitors Center, making our way down a worn path on the right hand side of the bridge, to the waters edge.  Just as soon as we cwere beneath the first large arch we found some typr of bat monitoring device the Park Service has chained to a nearby tree.
Bat Monitoring Device
There seems to be some type of either camera or mic tied to a tree above the large metal box.  As you can see there is a very thick chain running across the ground.  Further to the right there is another device tied up in a tree as well, though I did not see any metal box nearby.

view of the second arch from down by the brook

start of trail moving left, below bridge

 Yeah, kind of looks like an old trail to me too, the brook is just to the right.
Duck Brook - Acadia National Park

Here Witch Hole Brook joins Duck Brook

Abandoned Duck Brook Trail

Duck Brook - Acadia National Park

Duck Brook - Acadia National Park


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