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I don't usually post on projects I am working on, but in this case, the myth of the Kebo Mountain Stairway has eluded me for over twenty years.  I have heard from others over the years who have heard the same rumors and gone searching for it, only to come up empty.  If your one who knows of this stairway and has sworn to secrecy, contact me as anonymous, I will not reveal who you are to anyone.  Maybe you grew up in the area and stumbled upon it one day, let me know

What is known.
The lost Kebo Mountain Stairway is suppose to be located along the side of Kebo Mountain, the side facing the Strath Eden Trail.  There are not many BIG finds left and this would rank right up there at the top.

In one of his talks,  Tom St. Germain  -  one of the author's of Trails Of History, the Bible on Abandoned Trails, said that he had gone over by Kebo Mountain one day in search of this lost Stairway and was unable to locate it.   
We returned back to the area today and spent several hours combing the side of Kebo, there was only one place where a stairway or steps might of been, a wide gully that runs right up the side but would have to turn to the left or right once it ended.  It looked so promising we attempted to make our way along the gully strewn with rocks.  Interestingly there was a few places that seemed like they might of been a few steps here or there, but we could not go far as we encounter
 patches of snow and ice which made it too dangerous.  I did tak a few photos of the upper section of the gully and once again there are a few suspicious flat stones, but nothing well enough defined to say, look, its the stairway.

So I got a couple emails on this find with a couple questions, how did we locate the gully and do we have a GPS to it?  Nice questions, we had spent the past four hours at least coving every square inch of that side of Kebo Mountain, following the very base of the mountain as much as possible.  At one point near the end of the search, my son's leg began giving him problems so I told him he could stay back and I would continue forward for a ways and come back to where he was when I was finished.  I came to the gully and looked up it, and noticed those two or three perfectly large flat pieces of granite that looked as if they had been placed there side by side, as if to form a small wall along one section of the gully, that is what first caught my attention.  As to GPS, sadly we had taken a GPS reading earlier and my son placed the GPS in one of his pockets, so the GPS was back with my son, and my Canon camera does not have GPS encoded photos, but i know the general area of the gully and it would not be too hard to relocate.  We did have to cross a good stretch of boulder field to get back to the main trail.  There is enough here to merit a return trip once the ice is out for sure.

Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

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Bar Harbor

Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

Cottage Street, Bar Harbor


At April 17, 2019 at 4:56 AM , Blogger Jennifer Maher Galas said...

I looked for it last year and came up empty. One of the old topo maps (1942, probably) showed a trail in a potentially promising location, but we found nothing there. The area is tricky to walk around in (talus covered in forest debris) and heavily overgrown near the cliffs, so it would be easy to miss the target. I agree - the stairway would be a BIG find! :) I would love to search again, just in case ...

At April 17, 2019 at 4:31 PM , Blogger J.R. Libby said...

I just updated this on a very interesting gully we located, sadly patches of ice and snow prevented us from going any further up it, but I did take several photos.


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