Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Big Rocks is a favorite area the locals go to in Bass harbor, Maine.  I have never been to the site, but when living in the area I asked an old timer there if  Big rocks actually has big rocks?  He smiled and replied, nope, not big rocks, gigantic rocks, some of the biggest boulders I have ever seen.
One country inn in that area gives its guests a map showing how to locate Big Rocks, and though i can't recall the name of the road its on, I can tell you how to get there.
The village of Bass Harbor is located along route 102 A, once at the village there is a small bridge with a small baptist church near it.  The road that leads up from 102 A past the side of the church is the road Big Rocks is located off of.  You will come to a field with a well worn path leading through it, that path leads to Big Rocks.


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