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At one point near the beginning of this trail you come to a place where the Duck Brook Rapids empty down into Duck Brook, its a pretty cool site along the abandoned trail.
To locate this trail, enter the park by way of west Street Ext., it is directly across from west Street in Bar Harbor.   Once you enter the Acadia National Park, pull over at a small area at the start of the Duck Brook Bridge Road.  This half of the road is no longer open to autos.  Walk down Duck Brook Bridge road - you will soon pass beneath a large arched stone bridge.  Continue along the road - you will soon pass an unmarked abandoned trail on the right.  Continue toward the sharp curve in the road ahead, several car lengths before the sharp curve, look down the embankment for a worn path leading toward a dark opening in the woods.  This is where the water pipe trail begins.

Cast Iron Pipes

It is a dirt trail which can be steep in a couple spots but there are plenty of trees to grab hold of.
You will come to a small intersection, the Water Pipe trail goes right.  Straight down gets very steep and leads to the edge of very fast waters of Duck Brook.  What you might not see is at that small intersection - the Water pipe Trail once continued to the left.  I have followed it a ways, but it ends at a dead end and a serious drop off.

Duck Brook Rapids - Acadia National Park

So follow the trail to the right, you don't have to go very far down it when there is an easy way down to the side of Duck Brook, and from the trail you can see where the rapids of duck Brook empty out into Duck Brook below.  It makes for some nice photos or video.

New water pipe

Follow the old cast iron water pipes until they meet up with the newer modern water pipes.  Just ahead the trail gets much wider and clearer.  The trail finally ends high up on a cliff over looking the Park Loop road Below.  At one point just befor the cliff, a trail leads downward toward the loop Road, with the very impressive triple arched stone bridge to the left.  The sides of the bridge are low and a local man fell off the sides to his death several years ago.

Duck Brook - Acadia National Park

On this end of the bridge, way down below, the old abandoned Duck Brook trail once ran.  When this triple arch bridge was constructed, it destroyed a large section of the Duck Brook Trail.

Water Pipe Trail - Acadia National Park

at Duck Brook Road
latitude     44 23' 38"N
longitude   68 13' 58"W

worn path at woods
latitude     44 23' 38"N
longitude   68 13' 59"W

right turn at water pipe
latitude     44 23' 41"N
longitude   68 13' 59"W


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