Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I was blessed to have lived in Bass harbor for a few years, and during that time the locals shared some of the areas secrets, such as Whistlers Beach, and Big Rocks, but what caught my attention was the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Trail.  It is an area close to the lighthouse where the family that resides there can go to get away from the tourists and relax by the ocean.  The Lighthouse Keepers Trail begins at a gate along a fence that runs along a paved path to the far right of the parking lot.  Halfway down the paved path you come to that gate, marked PRIVATE.  There is a short path there wich leads through some woods to a high cliff over looking Bass Harbor.  At the base of a large tree are some wooden chairs, and from there to the right is the Lighthouse Keepers trail.
I have been told that the family, or at least the children, walk the path now and than and that they have friends who live along the path further up it.    There are some very nice views from the path, which follows the edge of a high cliff for some distance.    In the years I leved in that area and walked the trail, I never once saw anyone on it, but on a couple nights around Christmas time, we did see some flashlights moving along the trail as we stood on the Lighthouse Road.
I did not use the gate by the lighthouse to reach the trail, I always used another route, but the people who own the land would rather I not publish that info, so I won't.  But now you know one of the secrets of Bass harbor.


One evening on a hot summer day, just about dusk, we were walking away from the lighthouse, making our way down the Lighthouse Road, when a black bear crossed the road up ahead of us.  This was my only bear sighting in that area, and it is surprising there are not more bear sightings.  The woods between the Lighthouse Road and the ocean are loaded with wild berries.


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