Wednesday, April 26, 2017

THE FEATHERBED - Acadia National Park

If you have ever hiked along the Cadillac southwest trail or along the Canon Brook trail, you know at some point you come to a small mountain pond,  called THE FEATHERBED.  It is a very peaceful body of water where ports pause with pen in hand or a passing artist pulls out a canvas. 
But most who pass by the Featherbed know little if any of the history that surrounds this beautiful place.  In the late 1800's newspaper reports told repeated stories of a huge sea monster that lived in the calm waters of the Featherbed.  The creature was described as being a giant snake creature that feed on humans and the more such stories made there way into print, the more sightings of this creature came to light.  Some reports told of individuals fleeing for their lives down the mountain side. 
Such stories may be seen as unbelievable today, but back than many who read the reports of this sea creature did believe it.  People ventured up the Southwest Trail with great caution hoping to get a glimpse of this giant snake, and the area around the Featherbed soon became known as Great snake Flats.  If you look at old maps you may be able to find it marked as such.

Map of the Featherbed - Acadia National Park

Many years later the Featherbed was named as being the center of the known universe, not by the National Park Service or by scientists, but by a small cult.  For years this small cult would arrive at the Featherbed one day each year to hold their secret rituals.  I remember reading a couple short stories years ago  about this cult, but not much seems to be known about them, and I have no idea if they still make the yearly journey to the Featherbed or not.  One fact is clear, the Featherbed has had some twisted tales rise up out of its waters over the years.


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