Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sand Beach Trail

The Sand Beach Trail was once an official hiking trail, giving hikers at Great Head the option of continuing on to sand Beach.   I am not certain what if anything this abandoned trail was called, but locals always referred to it as the Sand Beach Trail.   Locals often used the trail to access Sand Beach for free by driving to the end of the roadway and hiking down to the beach.  In fact, as years went by, the line of cars parked along the roadway stretched for some distance.
  The Park Service didn't give it much attention until local motels, hotels, inns and campgrounds began giving their guests free maps showing how to access Sand beach for free.  Soon  long lines of parked cars became even longer along the roadway, which in turn got the parks attention.  They tried for years to get the inns, motels and campgrounds  to stop handing out free maps showing how to access sand Beach for free, some stopped giving out the maps, others continued to hand them out to their paying guests.
  Finally, some years back, the Park service abandoned the Sand Beach trail, blocking off the road near the Great Head Parking lot,  - the roadway is blocked off with signs stating cars, hikers, bikers and walkers are not allowed beyond that point.

Map of Sand Beach - Acadia National Park

 The Sand Beach Trail did more than get hikers from Great Head to sand Beach, it also connected hikers at the Great Head Trail with the Bowl and Bee Hive hiking trails.
 Near the end of the road, where the Sand Beach Trail began, the park service grows plants and such to place in areas of the park as needed.    I have only traveled this trail once since it was abandoned and saw several signs warning you not to enter on the Great Head end.  Trail was in great shape and very easy to follow at that time, but I would not be surprised to learn the Rangers have made some effort to conceal it.
  I know years ago there was a sign post just before the Sand Beach parking lot on the Park Loop Road showing where oneend of the trail began, I do plan on revisiting this area soon and doing an update.


At August 2, 2015 at 5:11 PM , Blogger Angela Bouchard said...

The area you're referring to as park housing is where the Park has its nurseries of local plants. They use them to replant & rehabilitate trails & carriage roads.

At August 5, 2015 at 2:54 PM , Blogger J.R. Libby said...

Do you know if they still have the road from the Great Head trail to the path leading to Sand Beach still closed - I haven't checked it in a couple years, but last time I came in from the Great Head area it was blocked and posted.

At August 6, 2015 at 4:11 AM , Blogger Angela Bouchard said...

I'm sorry...I don't.


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