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We knew from old maps an old trail once crossed  through the woods off of an old abandoned roadway.   
First, how to locate this abandoned road.  It begins directly across from the Cleftstone road on Eagle Lake Road (rt 233).

The start of it is very overgrown at the very beginning, but three or four large rocks block off the beginning of the road, so look for those large rocks.  It is also where telephone poles run all along the abandoned roadway, so the power lines and poles also tell you when your there.

Once you get behind the clump of brush, you see the abandoned road, which today looks more like a well worn foot path.  About four or five telephone poles in (pole #17) the phantom trail is located about four car lengths beyond on the left.
Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Phantom Trail -
Acadia National Park

  Its well worn and easy to find.
As you follow the main trail, which is more worn, you will come across a few minor paths, most likely deer trails, that end at dead ends, so you want to always stay right when you come to any intersection.
The path ends at an old dirt road, follow the road to the left a short ways and it connects to an official Park Trail, with the official North Ridge Hiking trail being to the right a short ways after stepping onto the official trail.

  From there we took the old road to the left, and in moments were on THE GORGE hiking trail to the left, and THE NORTH RIDGE TRAIL To the right.
North Ridge Phantom Trail - Acadia National Park

We returned back to the old road and followed that to its end.  The old road for the most part was in very good condition, easy to follow.  But just as you got near the end, where you could clearly see the abandoned road with the power lines you first came in on, the old logging road seemed to vanish before our eyes and I than knew why I had never seen it on hikes along the abandoned road.

North Ridge Phantom Trail - Acadia National Park

   In part, sections of fallen white birch and other tree branches where thrown across the end of it, helping conceal it.

North Ridge Phantom Trail - Acadia National Park
  The photo shows what I am talking about.  If you follow the direction of each section of log, they each point in the direction of an trail.  Bar Harbor's version of Stonehedge no doubt.

On the map below you can see how the Gorge Trail once began on route 233 - the Eagle Lake Road.  From there it followed an old road that is still there today, a line of telephone poles run along the old road, which is directly across from the Cliftstone road.  A section of the Cadillac North Ridge Phantom Trail was once part of the gorge Trail, and today you can still find where the gorge Trail parts from the Phantom Trail and heads over toward mountain Ave..  As you can see on the map, this section of the gorge trail, now abandoned, passed by one end of Mountain Ave, followed the side of a second street, before going off into the woods.  At an intersection the Gorge trail joined what appears to be the Kebo and "Strathlden Path." both those sections of trails also abandoned today.
A trail just before that intersection most likely was where the Gorge Trail turned, and if you followed it today, as we did, it joins a new trail recently constructed by the Park Service which connects the Cadillac North Ridge Trail to the Gorge Trail as well as the Kebo and "Strathlden Path." trail.  I have not placed the section of the Gorge Trail as it departs the Cadillac Phantom trail because a property ownert asked me to remove it, but it is enough to say the trail is easy to find and does run over to Mountain Ave, as does several other minor  foot paths.

North Ridge Phantom Trail - Acadia National Park
 The abandoned road as seen from Eagle Lake Road, route 233. 



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